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Jamie's Story

Jamie experienced feeding challenges first-hand when her daughter refused bottle and breast feeding at a young age and then additional challenges as her daughter grew and her diet matured. She understands the worry parents feel when they are concerned if their child is receiving the nutrients to grow and thrive, and the frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness associated with it. Through her own journey with her daughter, Jamie's approach evolved. From implementing skills from the hospital setting, to researching and applying new strategies based on her clinical knowledge including changes in feeding positions, incorporating responsive feeding, food exploration, and family involvement, she started seeing positive results almost immediately. This, in combination with compassion, perseverance, and ongoing learning led Jamie to develop a fine-tuned approach for cultivating positive relationships between children and their food. Furthermore, she understands the crucial element of success - following the child’s cues and parental involvement - and supports and guides parents with a deep sense of empathy. It is Jamie’s hope that by sharing the knowledge she gained from her personal experiences and professional expertise with other parents and caregivers, she can help other children thrive, as her own have, by facilitating a fun, safe, and positive relationship with eating.

Jamie's Story: The Clinic
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